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Focus On What You DESIRE and NOT on the LACK of what you desire.

Stop Dreaming Do It started this conversation
If you've read any of my replies to people or my blog postings you'll know that I believe very much in the Law of Attraction. It doesn't matter what "religion" you follow, the Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity. Whether you believe gravity exists or not, if you try to walk off a building (please don't) you'll be pulled to the ground.

Law of Attraction works the same way. The MORE you FOCUS on what you do NOT want Law of Attraction will keep bringing you MORE of WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT because that is what you are FOCUSING on.

You can see proof of this all around the world: In the USA we have a "war against drugs" yet the drug sales keep increasing. We are fighting against terrorism and yet our freedoms keep diminishing and acts of terrorism continue. CA schools rank around 49 out of the 50 states. My point is EVERYTHING we "focus" on keeps coming to us. It's one of the reasons the saying "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" comes to fruition. It's simple: The rich EXPECT to be rich no matter what the world circumstances and the poor EXPECT to be matter what the circumstances.

If you want things to get better in your life YOU have to change your outlook on life. I'm not saying this is easy. I used to be such a pessimistic person that I made most pessimists look like optimists. Over the course of a little time with deliberate effort I changed my outlook on things. In my case it's taken about 2 years to have an attitude shift, for you it may be shorter or it may be longer. However, until you make that shift NOTHING will improve in your life.

I'm not suggesting you sing how "happy you are" when you don't have two sticks to rub together, but instead of constantly telling everyone how broke you are or how you can't find a job or how miserable your life is or whatever it is you've been saying for God knows how long, why don't you try focusing on the GOOD that you can find in whatever situation you are currently in?

It helps to just "accept" where you are right now. Please understand there's a difference between "accepting" where you are in life right now and "liking" where you are. Fighting with your current circumstance will NOT change it. Just say to yourself "okay, i don't have a job right now nor the kind of money I would like to have, but that's okay because things are changing around me and I know the Universe (or God or Allah or whoever/whatever you believe in) is working to bring opportunities to me. The "how" isn't my business or concern. I just know that everyday my life is getting better and better."

In addition to thoughts like the above, you may want to find things in your life to APPRECIATE...These don't have to be "big things." They could be anything you really appreciate (and write them down in a notebook or journal). For example in my life a typical journal entry might say:

I am so appreciative that I live in the USA. I appreciate my fiancee who loves me just the way I am and supports my ideas. I appreciate my little toy poodle who shows me unconditional love. I appreciate my good health. I appreciate all the clothes in my closet and my car that takes me from place to place. I appreciate technology like computers, cell phones, and the Internet. I appreciate how everyday my life gets better and better. I appreciate how the Universe lines things up for me without me having to figure out it's going to be done. I appreciate my intellect and quick wit. I appreciate all the friends I have in my life who care about me. I appreciate how more and more money is flowing to me and how much money loves me. I appreciate all my clients and all the clients I have yet to meet. I love and appreciate everything I get to experience in my life each and every day.

See? Nothing earth shattering. Once you find one or two things to appreciate it will start to snowball and you'll find more and more. My goal is write an "appreciation" page 1x per day, but I am not perfect (not yet) :-) I sometimes forget, but that's okay. I just try to write it the next day.

I would bet that if you tried this for 30 days, at the end of the 30 days you'd notice that there were some improvements in your life...even if small improvements...improvements which is better than more heartache. Wouldn't you agree?
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 in response to Stop Dreaming Do It...   Anytime, Lady! :-)
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Stop Dreaming Do It
 in response to PositiveMommy...   Thank you for the kind words! :-)
Talk to Stop Dreaming Do It

Hey Lady!

Love this post! So very true: I like how you mentioned that "accepting" circumstances doesn't mean that we have to "like" those circumstances. It is true that when we realize what we are grateful for, those

  • False
  • Events
  • Appearing
  • Real
  • Sometimes

....fade to black. Our circumstances do not make up who we are as people!

Finally, I'm a big fan of writing goals down. When we write our goals down, we can see the progress we've made on those goals and measure where we may have run off track in the attainment of the goals we have yet to meet.

Great, great post!

PositiveMommy :-)

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