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Focus On What You DESIRE and NOT on the LACK of what you desire.

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 in response to Stop Dreaming Do It...   Anytime, Lady! :-)
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Stop Dreaming Do It
 in response to PositiveMommy...   Thank you for the kind words! :-)
Talk to Stop Dreaming Do It

Hey Lady!

Love this post! So very true: I like how you mentioned that "accepting" circumstances doesn't mean that we have to "like" those circumstances. It is true that when we realize what we are grateful for, those

  • False
  • Events
  • Appearing
  • Real
  • Sometimes

....fade to black. Our circumstances do not make up who we are as people!

Finally, I'm a big fan of writing goals down. When we write our goals down, we can see the progress we've made on those goals and measure where we may have run off track in the attainment of the goals we have yet to meet.

Great, great post!

PositiveMommy :-)

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